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Yes, it's album cover time. Here are some of the more recent ones I've done. If you look in Lynn's gallery you'll see the ones she did too. It's great to be able to work together on projects like this.
The Fleetwood Mac cover uses a Fraxflame as a stand-in for feathers. Inspiration were the tracks 'Albatross' and 'Man of the World'. So we have a souvenir of flight.
Clearbury Ring's 'Curve' utilised Amorphium, Bryce (this was before I discovered Cinema) and Painter 6 for the grass, long and short. Digital 'mowing' was done by preparing two layers sprayed with different heights of grass and erasing the longer one. You get around the rocks better doing it this way and get a more convincing result. I even did a little path ("for Sunday picnickers") which wasn't wanted in the final version.
This was one early option I provided. While checking viewing angles around the completed rock models I thought this might be a possibility. I liked the faux wet ink effect as much as anything else!
more of the same please
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