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If H.G. Wells had had a desktop computer... Well, what can I say. Retro fever? This one nagged to be done for ages. All in Cinema 4DXL. I even ended up modelling the CD tray in insane detail; a copy of the Apple G3 drawer. So easy to get carried away!
Same project, different angle. The mouse was fun, based on the idea of a telegraphers tapper key x 2 for right and left click. There's a built-in Zip drive too. The name plate reads 'Babbage & Sons. London'.
This is going to take some explaining I see now!
'Bog' is English slang for 'toilet' As a child my friends and I would play at 'superheroes' immitating whoever was the flavour of the moment; DC or Marvel. Eventually we invented our own heroes. 'The Bogmen' rode jet propelled (of course!) toilets and saved the world with their trousers round their ankles. Thanks to .......... for use of his model which I modified with a cockpit, jet engine and removable 'gantry' (the cistern pipe to anyone else! Thanks too, to Gary Drakett, for reminding me what sick minds we had even then! There's an animation too if anyone's interested!
The Bogmen, for the record, were: Chris Gibbons, Gary Drakett, Tony Evans, Kevin Hudson, Ian 'Hamish' Hinks and Ian White.
more of the same please
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