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accident inspector4
You can't park it there!
The Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle. Yum! However daft the way they worked was, the vehicles in Captain Scarlet looked delicious! I Modelled this in Cinema 4dXL.
Lovely lovely rocks! I used the FFD function to mangle the ship after modelling it. The great thing about Cinema is every that stage is editable at any time. Terrific control! Foliage added in Painter 6.0.
A mechanical cuttlefish. But of course. All in Bryce and Amorphium (the best rock machine ever)
pam cliffs3.br4 copy
Another rocky gulley with Bryce and Amorphium.
The challenge here was to get a feature that approximated the mineral-generated ridges on the cliff springs in Pammukale in Turkey. Amorphium solved the problem.
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