People and places you like places with castles
lebelThe amazing Lise Lebel, cyber talent and Brycette extrordinaire! Go see her stuff now!
MastheadThe Register is one of those rare well written up to speed online newspapers. Find out what's happening in the industry in the spaces between people and the machines they love.
SteveSteve Lareau. One man, a computer and a whole world of possibilities. Wodda guy!
Kirlian Electrophotography. We've all heard of it, but here's where you buy the gear to do it!


Ah Moog! The spirit of the seventies!

vse_imgFor vintage synth nuts of all kinds, drool here!
voyager_sig_wOh I forgot to mention. They're building Moogs again! Gasp! See the new Moog Voyager here!
The Hairless Heart Herald is a highly respected online music journal specialising in progressive rock reviews. Updated almost daily with news and reviews. There's a lot going on in the genre and the HHH is in the thick of it.

Island Bead and Box

Luann and Jerry Jamison do astounding things with glass and wood. Be amazed. Be very amazed.



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