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March 1991 - December 2002

In finishing these pages I've just had to change all the text below into the past tense. Kiowa passed away just a few days before Christmas following a very serious colic attack. This brought to light, during the Vet's visit, something we had always feared; that his melanomas had becomea serious threat internally. As most of you probably know, Adelusians are prone to these and last year he was operated on to remove a large one from beneath his tail. A feed suppliment kept most of the small external ones under control (and even removed some of them!) but sadly the vet found a large internal obstruction which would soon become life threatening and horrendously painful. And so we had to made the decision that we all dread. Everyone at the farm too, will miss him terribly.

Kiowa was Lynn's horse (I don't ride, thank you, no). He was a 10 year old Andelusian gelding (cut at 6 years so he kept his crest and his most charming attributes:)). He was gentle and loyal with amazing strength when allowed to turn it on. He was incredibly brave and protective too. When Lynn had a bad fall last Hallowe'en (four pelvic fractures) he stood guard over her, very gently nudging her leg and hand while I got help. All which made him what Lynn called her "perfect therapy horse". Believe it or not she had a long-term spinal injury even before the fall but thanks to modern medicine and technology was able to ride again. If you're a Father Ted fan you can probably imagine the looks on the stablegirl's faces when we serenaded them with a rendition of "My Lovely Horse"!

...with the wind in his fetlocks...
What a handsome charmer. He knows it too.
It's Friday night which means...
..it's bath night!
..mmmph mupumph muph!
Oh dear. Don't ask, just don't, okay?
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