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The amazingly delicious Cinema 4DXL.
All my 3D work starts life in here. The most remarkable thing (one of many) is that every parameter is editable at every stage, right down to the wire. All this and radiosity render too. Oh yes, non-radiosity render is DAMNED fast!
And almost everything is finally adjusted or composited in PS.
My favourite recent discovery is levels. Something e ovrlook usually. Don't EVER take a photo of a sky without adjust levels in PS. And be amazed!
Small, perfectly formed and oftem underestimated, Amorphium is the best rock-creation tool I've found to date. made by those lovely people at Electric Image. Monument valley here we come! Noise and smooth, noise and smooth!
Lynn and I first met on the Bryce List and we also met Lise Lebel, one of our dearest friends, on there. Some of mine and Lynn's work is on the Bryce 5 content disk as is Lise's.
It's one the most intuitive landscape machines on the planet and it took Kai Krauss to make it happen, imbuing software with all the buzz and thrill of rock and roll!
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